Our towels buying guide will help you choose the correct towels for your home and provides tips on how to take care of them and keep them looking fresh and feeling soft.


Ellie Rothchilds 720GSM Range of Towels


A luxurious heavy cotton with a longer fibre that is both durable and absorbent, whilst maintaining a silky soft handle.


Ellie Rothchilds 800GSM Range of Towels


 This is our fantastic new towel collection. Made using 100% Natual Spun Cotton in the pile, it is exceptionally soft to the touch, thick, plush and extremely absorbent. Our ethically sourced cotton produces one of the finest cotton yarns in the world with it's extra long fibres giving a luxurious, silky handle. Our unique palette is made up of four capsule colour collections allowing you to choose either a single shade to make a bold statement or several shades to create a softer combination. Made with 100% natural combed cotton in the pile.


Ellie Rothchilds Gold Collection


Our exclusive collection of the softest towels  produced using a blend of pure natural cotton. We believe this towel is probably the most luxurious towel manufactured. A wonderful soft towel with a beautiful lustre. Treat yourself!



Taking Care of your Ellie Rothchilds Towels


Cotton is a natural fibre and in order to retain its appearance, performance, softness and lustre it is important to follow the instructions on the care label and on the detergent you use.

Ensure undiluted washing detergent does not come into direct contact with towels as this can cause spot bleaching.

Use a colour sensitive detergent that does not contain any OBA's (Optical Brightening Agents). OBA's brighten whites but fade colours.

Washing your towels before the first use ensures optimum absorbency.

Avoid excessive use of fabric conditioners, as this can leave a coating on towels, which can affect overall absorbency

It is normal for all towels to shed fluff, this is called linting and is caused by very small fibres working loose and will reduce over time



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